Woodwind ‘Sparkle Aire B5*’ Tenor, (RAC reface)- 0.090″ (Archived)

Woodwind, Steel Ebonite, Sparkle Aire, "B5*" Tenor

Price: SOLD
  • Make: Woodwind Co.
  • Model: Sparkle Aire
  • Number: B5*
  • Era:  1930-1950s?
  • Status: SOLD
  • Ligature: N/A
  • Facing: Bob Carpenter Reface
  • Tip-Size: 0.090"
Terrific hard rubber material and good classic design. Large chamber makes for a big vintage sound. LATE DESIGN for Woodwind models: this body has similar shank design as Selmer Goldentone models, but the interior scream "Woodwind Co. sound" all the way! Original facing "B5*" marking, arrived original tip at 0.067"...So I asked Bob Carpenter to fix it. It is now a VERY FREE BLOWING 0.090"! Amazing ease of air. Sorry, on ligature currently.