Yanagisawa 2000 ‘9930-BSB’ Eb Baritone, Low A, solid silver body #0024109x (Archived)

2000-01 Yanagisawa 9930-BSB Solid Silver Baritone, Low A

Price: $Gone
  • Year:  2000
  • Make:  Yanagisawa
  • Model:  9930-BSB
  • Status:  Gone!
  • Finish: Original, solid-silver body, plated bell
  • Serial Number: 00241093
(On Consignment--Will play Excellent after minor WWS Tune-up. (included)

You don't see these come up for sale very often! You know that you'd have to pry it out of that owner's hands too! Fortunately for you, this one doesn't need that prying. Ser# 00241093. Comes with BAM case (highly traveled, wheels are worn, case is solid). Don't confuse this with the fresh model 9930 that has Lacquered bow and bell. This is Solid silver on the body tuning, yet, silver plated on the bow and bell (there is a color/brilliance difference) and the wear on the bell from the player. The pads are factory original (one changed) and have tons of line left. The sax was ADULT OWNED and played professionally.

Sound File of the actual sax:
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    BARITONEs-Super20,423-Zephyr,295-BuescherBundy,887-Yani9930silver, Sound File 6-2016

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