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Conn 1941 ’10M’ Bb Tenor, #295,xxx (Archived)

SOLD - Looking for a loud Conn 10M under $2000? Since I see a faint engraving, I must say "re-lacquer"; the previous owner was sold this sax as Original, but I doubt that it is. The wear on the bell could be from use, or old buffing. Wear and tear report: A few dents in the rear bow, rolled tone holes that do look like some were flattened, none appear to be filed through the 'roll', no missing set-screws(one was cut into the post to remove--upper octave button post), one replaced pivot screw(C#1), upper bell lip has slight bent (I can help). Overall, it's a complete 10M with a huge, loud sound.
SOUND: This one is particularly "crisp" in tone. I suspect this tone is due to the mostly bare-brass finish.
PADS: the setup is tan pads on smaller flat resos with rivet (similar to Conn originals). Some pads with rivet only. I would guess, depending on use, they are 10-25 years old. They will play as is, with mild tuneups along the way, for another 1-7 years(depending on use).
CASE: a very nice Hiscox case! ($280+).
I would recommend this sax get a full rebuild to be enjoyed fully, however, since it can play great for a while with some tuneups, I will sell it with two prices.

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Conn 1926 ‘New Wonder II – “Chu Berry”‘ Eb Baritone, Silver #171k (Archived)

SOLD - In outstanding condition! Wow, a baritone that wasn't beat up over the last 90+ years!!! The body, keys, and condition are in great shape. This sax deserves to be loved by a caring adult who wants to rock the low end. I say that because there is no high F on this model and, really, baritones needs to stay in the low end anyway. Rebuilt, this baritone will be a looker and your friends will all stare. It's being sold via WWS for a friend, but the sax, rebuild and guarantees will all be like a normal transaction through WWS.
REBUILD: customize it to your wishes. It will be done here at WWS. My recommendation: put some huge Resotech resos on it and it will have some serious bark to the tone.
CASE: The old, original case is bad. (safe for shipping). But I recommend we address this. I can work with you to get a new Protec (sized for Low A required to fit). This can be shipped here before or after work is complete.

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Keilwerth ‘ST-90, Series 1’ Bb Tenor, #870,1xx (Archived)

SOLD - Here's a great used, one-of-my-favorite, not-thrashed models! New in the last 10yrs-ish, serial #870,1xx, newer construction, gold lacquer throughout! No high F# but a great tone! This model has the real pearls, which makes it either the Series I or III(there's not a known dating to really know; I would guess Series 1) . I've seen some of these hold their own with some pro saxes just in the tone. These have very comfortable, modern keywork and should not hinder any student getting started. Comes with good case and mouthpiece.
Cosmetic condition rating: 8.5
Minor PC repairs needed - pending.
Item #:WWS0E4.7E6.00.2211.7-C0

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Conn 1936 ’26M’ Eb Alto, #275,xxx (Archived)

SOLD! - An excellent, original lacquer example of a highly sought after sax. Serial #275k puts it right at 1936. This This horn was actually sold prior to arrival here because it was Scouted for a customer (a service that we offer). We located the sax from a client/collector in Mexico and helped the searching client in Texas, USA acquire it. During the matchmaking, I was the mid-point for inspection and verification. Here was my picky review upon getting the sax:
I just finished a few playing passages on the 26M. It is a sweet sweet tone. It is not huge in tone, but a mellow singer. (this on my Woodwind Co., large chamber mouthpiece tip at 0.075") VERY PICKY INSPECTION:
-minor dings to the neck
-evidence of dent work on the bow(by C# pad).
-neckstrap ring repairs 1) the base was resoldered.
-neckstrap ring repairs 2) the loop has added metal from wear.
-/+ repairs to dented thumbhook. excellent repairs of dents, and any resolders.
+very clean pearls
+good repair work on the last repad. It was loved by the owner (he did the work).
+ZERO missing set-screws. Awesome!
+upgraded replacement case. (wood)
+no evidence of past swedging work
+++ a beautiful horn.
Pads = a modern tan pad, with slight-domed resos and rivet (like a modern Selmer, Jupiter...)
It was very enjoyable to play!
Item #:WWSTS27.0SES0.231.7-C30

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Jupiter ‘JAS-869SG’ Eb Alto, #E02,xxx (Archived)

SOLD - I like these as a great intermediate sax. Great Ergos, high F# key, nice original hard case. Made in Taiwan, #E0225x Model JAS-869. Sterling silver neck! Currently in factory pads that come with slight-domed metal resonators. These have fast action and you'll love it over any student sax. They play a little louder with power and presence.
Cosmetic Rating: 8.5 -- Nice, minor tarnishing to note on the silver body. PC work pending. Item #:WWS6.0E9.2E9.12181.6-0

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Conn 1931 ‘New Wonder II/6M Transitional’ Eb Alto, Art Deco, Silver #246k (Archived)

SOLD - Amazing condition! Serial #246,xxx... shining example in original silver plating! +95% intact!, to be verified during rebuild when she is polished. No wear on the thumbrest! Small wear on the octave key and high F palm key. Small dent in the back bow that will come out excellent, and the only other thing to mention is the knock to the neck under the neck cork area - this will get my delicate touch to repair. The toneholes look great. This is an early transitional model, and true example at that with flat-Chu G#, neck tuner, even the Eb trill key like the Chu!... The sax is in great condition, and will need a full rebuild to enjoy! We will do that for the price included, AND remove all the tarnish. Case: Currently paired with what is likely the original, in rough, travel-able shape. Ask me about upgrading this.

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Selmer 1969 ‘Mark VI’ Bb Tenor, #172,xxx (Archived)

No Longer for sale - (On Consignment - Plays OK) A nice original lacquer Mark VI. Ser #172k. It is currently setup with older tan pads and larger noyak resos. Overall the sax is in excellent condition. There is dent in the front bow guard. With one modification to note: there was a very professional repair work done to the F-F# add on as a helper arm. (This is a great thing from a technician/player's perspective. This key always needs help to close.) Should you want it removed, it can be taken off easily with a very small repair scar. CASE: Red Reunion Blues bag in very good condition. Item#:WWSConsignmentWyard

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Conn 1935 ’26M – Connqueror’ Eb Alto, #269,xxx (Archived)

SOLD - A deluxe Conn "M series" sax - loved for the Silver key touches and the ornate engravings, and the added key height adjustment engineering. NOTE: I would normally have to charge the $299.00 up-charge to rebuild this sax if it walked in. I personally do like the adjustments on these saxes for their purposes. However, they still require extra time to adjust the sax and dial it in. And thus, this is why these models give repairmen headaches ... if they don't know what they are doing. Ser.# dates it to 1935. CASE: It arrived with a non-original Selmer case in solid shape. I'm happy to discuss RE-ENGRAVING (solo) as part of the rebuild process along with your choice of pads and resonators. This sax will be a sweet sounding sax - Rebuild included in the price, as usual.

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