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Selmer 1932 ‘Super – Cigar Cutter’ Eb Alto, #17,4xx (Archived)

This saxophone is an off-site consignment, being sold/shipped from the United Kingdom (UK). A rare opportunity for the professional saxophonist, collector, enthusiast to acquire a great piece of Selmer Super Saxophone history. This is truly a unique, beautiful looking and sounding vintage saxophone. The elegant, unique finish is a brass-look and, for the age of the instrument, it is in incredible condition. It has been brought back to it's best playing order by my technician and I have thoroughly enjoyed gigging and recording with this classic horn. It's tone is unique to this vintage era of Selmer production. It is full, big and vibrant and even puts my legendary Mark VI in the shadow. A true performer and a regrettable sale.
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Brilhart ‘Hard Rubber- #4’ Tenor, Ser# 116669 (RAC reface)- 0.102″ (Archived)

SOLD - These are one of the best Hard Rubber Mouthpieces ever made. These have a a Nice big sound, medium tone, not too dark, not too bright, Sarge had THREE in his collection for a while-- It's "best of" material! serial number 116,669; WITH ORIGINAL BOX! Bob Carpenter reface 0.102". These have a a Nice big sound, medium tone; not too dark, not too bright. Sarge had THREE in his collection for a while if that tells you anything. It's "best of" material! These often out-play vintage rubber Otto Links but are more affordable. Considering Bob's beautiful reface, the price is going to be 549.00. It will probably sell quickly, as I have seen them sell at ebay for 599.00.
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Jupiter ‘JAS-669’ Eb Alto, #604,xxx (Archived)

SOLD - I like these as a good "all round" starter sax (one of a few that meet this). Great Ergos, no F# key but that's ok, nice original hard case. Made in Taiwan, #604xxx Model JAS-669. Gold lacquer, nickel keys. THE PACKAGE DEAL: Nice case, Neotech neckstrap($25+), Yarn stuffer($20+), neck brush($5+). Cosmetic Rating: 8.5 -- Nice PC work pending!
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