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Buffet 1972 ‘Super Dynaction’ Eb Alto, #17,3xx (Archived)

SOLD - (Consignment-Plays well. ) It does play all the way down to low Bb. These compare very favorably to the famed Selmer Mark VI, usually ranked #2. Known for its rich tone and smooth action it is a well-designed heavy horn; it holds its adjustment well and is very reliable. The serial number is 17,3xx, which means it was made in 1972. Original Lacquer is about 95% although there are some scratches (see pics, past dent repairs above neckstrap ring and bell lip. both look great now.) these are always a great value for the money. Included is a great SKB molded, hard case OR... original Buffet hard case in good solid shape--but we would need to plan with the owner to have it delivered. It was rebuilt elsewhere with minimal use with a "French Standard"rebuild that has selmer-style, plastic resos.

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Buffet 1961 ‘Super Dynaction’ Eb Alto, 4-digit #8,0xx (Archived)

SOLD - These compare very favorably to the famed Selmer Mark VI, usually ranked #2. Known for its rich tone and smooth action it is a well designed heavy horn, it keeps its adjustment well and is very reliable. The serial number is 8,0xx, which means it was made in 1961. Original Lacquer is about 50% although there are some scratches (see pics) it will be a great value for the money, the G# "pearl" is missing and a few of the bell guard pearls too, we'll see if we can make these blemishes better with some other inserts. The early serial #s are darker in tone and the same holds true for the early Selmers (adding their big $ boost). Included is an original Buffet tan hard case in good solid shape. It will get a "French Standard" rebuild, and leave in the original screw-in, large, flat, metal resos.

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Buescher 1967 ‘400 (flower)’ Eb Alto, #457k (Archived)

SOLD - ser # 457xxx, These are highly undervalued models--well respected by those who know, great intonation, better than average ergos. Some labels will call this the 1st Generation Selmer from the buyout. It retains the underslung neck and the bell keys moved back to the left. This example is in very nice condition, Original Lacquer at 98%, and some normal wear on the nickel plated keys. no resolders to mention. There are only a few little dings throughout, they will all be taken care of in the rebuild. They maintain the Buescher warmth but have a bigger sound from their exponential bore and the big bell. Comes in non original case, plastic casing--good, functioning condition. The original snap in system is intact, so I plan to do a complete "Original Buescher" style rebuild, with metal backed-press in pads and then snap in the original metal domes with natural cork throughout.

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Buescher 1948 ‘Aristocrat II – Big B’ Eb Alto, #325k (Archived)

SOLD - Here's the warmth and power combined! This is a very good player! 325xxx... no snaps (negative to a collector--does not hurt the playing) but great pads with plastic resos, Original finish (some might argue this by looking at the engraving. It is my opinion that the bell was worn with hands and re-buffed--see how the edges are still deeply cut; this verifies more original). CASE: TBD--I'll find a nice upgrade to go with it. This one will get fully tuned up to play even better, smoother, oiled and you're going to make your band-mates jealous!

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Buescher 1928 ‘True Tone’ Eb Alto, series IV Silver-stunning #246k (Archived)

SOLD - If you buy a TT series, this is the one to get (roller G#), Serial number 246k. GORGEOUS original silver plating at looks at 99% and the later engraving change. This is a beauty with satin vs shiny contrast, no goldwash bell--There is NO WEAR on the sax. I only see some neckstrap wear, but there is no silver loss on even the palms or thumbrest. You just feel better holding this one. There were no Norton springs this early but the blue steel needle springs look to be much newer...sweet! This model has a great tubby-warmth to the sound --Sigard Rascher made this one famous! Neck #1 . They have a tone that is uniquely 'Buescher' for early vintage saxes--very woody--but intonation was not perfected well on these 1920s horns; NEWER PADS! The Snap In system look fully intact, but I can't say if the pads used were Metal-backed without taking it apart. It comes in an original Buescher case in great shape to match, but the handle was wrapped in tape to fix.

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Jupiter ‘JAS-669’ Eb Alto, #604,xxx (Archived)

SOLD - I like these as a good "all round" starter sax (one of a few that meet this). Great Ergos, no F# key but that's ok, nice original hard case. Made in Taiwan, #604xxx Model JAS-669. Gold lacquer, nickel keys.
THE PACKAGE DEAL: Nice case, Neotech neckstrap($25+), Yarn stuffer($20+), neck brush($5+).
Cosmetic Rating: 8.5 -- Nice
PC work pending!

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