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Otto Link ‘Super Tone Master – 6*S’ Tenor, FL-Double Band (WWS) – 0.099″ (Archived)

SOLD - A super RARE marked "6*S" - Full Package: Box, ligature and cap! ...on arrival, an improper tip measurement at 082", now a 0.099"!!! (or a Link 6**) It arrived with an improper curve and tip size. Between Bob Carpenter and myself doing a duos worth of the refacing work, this will be a superb player once we are satisfied. Under close inspection, we knew it was our duty to bring this baby to life! All repairs were sealed with silver & gold plating.
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Conn ‘Eagle’ Soprano, (RAC Reface) – 0.067″ (Archived)

Here is a rare and sought after Conn Eagle mouthpiece. It arrived with an original tip at 0.044" but was damaged with a chip. So I will send it off to Bob Carpenter to save it and make it play excellent. It just arrived and is @ 0.067". It has a medium-large round chamber and is made of hard rubber. Item: WWS0.00.11201.3-0BC30
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