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Conn 1942 ’10M’ Bb Tenor, #306,8xx (Archived)

SOLD - Sarge's Collection: Prime era 10m in original lacquer, S# 306,843. the thing is 30-m's and 10-m's are so different , i felt like i need to have both... the 30m is more of a jazz horn and the 10m works better for my rockin' R&B stuff. It has never seen any notable body damage, although some minor dents may have been rolled out before i got her. Rolled tone holes, Naked Lady engraving. The neck is slightly pulled down, i corrected that and eventually i will do a Conn Style Premium Rebuild, with Saxgourmet Kangaroo pads and flat metal resonators. The premium upgrade, with Teflon and Ultrasuede, will really do a lot to smooth out the action on her. Chadd comments: This one is a real screamer. Setup with oversized flat metal resonators, and the Black Saxgourmet Roo pads. Just the real deal here, everything you'd expect from the fable of 10M's.

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SML 1955 ‘Revision D’ Bb Tenor, Perma-Gold, 99% #12k (Archived)

SOLD - These are superb tenors, made in France and rare as well. This one is in original perma-gold plate that I will call 98%. The Rev D is very well respected and known for a uniquely special tone. This sax has a nice engraving and I love the shiny vs matte look SML created in this original setup. Serial # 12xxx = 1955, Gold Finish was SMLs top option and super rare, thus the price. SML saxophones have a big Conn 10m like sound, but the advantage of french mechanical design, so they are more ergonomic. The SMLs really do have a sound all their own--French focus crossed with American Beef--Superb! Did I mention that my personal alto is a Rev D?!?! The case is currently a none original vintage case is nice shape. This one has yet to be rebuilt but it completely deserves "The Sarge Special Rebuild"--Premium with larger resos (Resotech-gold ones!). Price includes the deluxe rebuild!
This sax is one that I wish I would have kept.

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Keilwerth ‘ST-90, Series 1’ Bb Tenor, #970,3xx (Archived)

SOLD - Here's a great used, one-of-my-favorite, not-thrashed models! New in the last 10yrs-ish, serial #970xxx, newer construction, gold lacquer throughout, Real pearls! (the later series III and IV lost that), no high F# but a great tone! I've seen some of these hold their own with some pro saxes just in the tone. These have very comfortable, modern keywork and should not hinder any student getting started. Comes with good case and mouthpiece.

Cosmetic condition rating: 9.0


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Yanagisawa 1970-80s ‘Artist’ Eb Baritone, Stencil, Low A, #876,4xx (Archived)

SOLD - This bari is from the good, 1970s era, and early to the Yanagisawa lineage. (Yani seal on the neck brace, "Japan" with the serial number, which is: #876,4xx. Original lacquer finish at 70% on body & keys. Great, heavy Stainless Steel Springs! (ACTION: firm and fast) These are very nice baritones that you don't have to spend $3000 in order to acquire. No extra heavy damage to mention. (school engraved #s under the serial number) Notes of repair: perhaps to most notable thing is the replacement neck; a few screws have been replaced 7x or so resolders; The tenon screw will need strengthened, & F3 arm. bell lip was slightly bent.
Dents are not too bad for baritone. I will do my best to make a few of the them disappear and help the cosmetic look. CASE: Arrived with a nice hard, wood case.
Waiting for PC work: matching neck repairs(sizing and tenon work), pads.

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Buescher 1984 ‘Bundy- Selmer USA’ Eb Baritone, Low Bb #887,xxx (Archived)

SOLD -This bari is from the good 80s era, still in the student line but great sound for the price. Serial #887xxx. lacquer body, nickel keys. It's basically the end of the Buescher line design with the Selmer takeover(1970s) logo so it has that big bell like the "Buescher 400". Baritones always tend to get beat up but this one was bought new, owned by an ADULT (kids, please note this), and it was well loved. I only saw about 3 minor dings under my close inspection!!! It has a standard case, with the wood wrap design.
Personally, I think the Bb baritones always sound better than a Low A model, it will save you a ton of money.
Waiting for PC work: ...TBD

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Yamaha ‘YTS-200 AD “Advantage”‘ Bb Tenor, #D25xxx (Archived)

$SOLD - Here's the newest student model from Yamaha, used and overall in great shape. serial #xxxxx, newer construction, gold lacquer body and nickel keys (good for kids). It arrived with a few dents that I will burnish out. no high F# but a great tone! These have very comfortable, modern keywork and should not hinder any student getting started. Comes with hard case and mouthpiece.
Cosmetic condition rating: 8.5
PC work complete!

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