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Vito ‘[YTS-21]’ Bb Tenor, #010xxx (Archived)

$SOLD- Vito is the little brother to Yamaha. Here's a used, not-thrashed models, recent in the last 15yrs-ish, serial #010xxx, newer construction, gold lacquer, nickel key (good for kids), Real pearls!, no high F# but a great tone! These have very comfortable, modern keywork and should not hinder any student getting started. Comes with blue Vito case and mouthpiece.
Cosmetic condition rating: 7.5
PC work complete!

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Conn 1931’Chu-Transitional-12M’ Eb Baritone, #245k (Archived)

SOLD - Sound Files - For the Gerry Mulligan lovers! ... Ser#245k, relacquer finish at 95%--color is deep and glossy! No engraving (only the "CG Conn LTD") which means this was a 'cheaper' order at that time, HA! 
Case: A $900 Walt Johnson case to protect it well.
Rebuild: Rebuilt with very large, oversized Brass Resos and nice tan pads. Listen to the sound files on this below!

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