Otto Link ‘Slant Signature “Tone Edge” #6’ Tenor, Rubber, Series II (Archived)

Otto Link, SLANT SIGNATURE, "Tone Edge" #6, rubber, series II, Tenor:

Price: SOLD

I really wanted to keep this in my stash; Maybe you can help save me from doing this!

  • Make: Otto Link
  • Model: Slant Signature "Tone Edge"
  • Number: 6
  • Era:  1950s+
  • Status: SOLD
  • Ligature: N/A
  • Facing: Original*
  • Tip-Size: 0.100"
Made of some of the best hard rubber. wide table, side number stamp = series 2 model (of 3). The horizontal table markings are not quite there (not my doing). There will be no hype here. This is one of the most sought after tenor mouthpieces. It plays fantastic, as it should.

It arrived with minor imperfections in the seal. It was cautiously and expertly repaired here at WWS. The tip may have opened about 0.0005" from that point. I will call this a darn-near Original Tip at 0.100".

No ligature or cap or box to send with it, sorry.

Sound File for you to enjoy:

Actual Mouthpiece on Track 1:

  1. 1.
    TenorMPCS-x5- Meyer 6S-100", Brilhart Personaline S6 rubber 106", Brilhart Hard Rubber 103", Otto Link 1990s Tone Edge #7-102", vintage Otto Link Slant Signature series 2 #6-100" - Sound File 2016