Selmer ‘S-80 – C*’ Alto, Rubber, (RAC reface)- 0.078″

Selmer S-80 C* Alto...RAC "custom S-80 E"

Price: $149.00
  • Make: Selmer
  • Model:  S-80 C*
  • Number:  C*...custom E
  • Era:  1980s-2000s
  • Status: For Sale!
  • Ligature: N/A
  • Facing: Bob Carpenter
  • Tip-Size:  0.078"

Used but nice Hard Rubber mouthpiece from the 80's, excellent quality hard rubber. Good for legit, concert band, or orchestra work. Bob Carpenter opened this one up to about 0.078" with a 21 facing curve. Larger tip has much more volume and projection; no longer just a C*.

Sound File for you to enjoy:
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Item#: WWS1.25.00.5171.3-C60