Buffet 1940s ‘SA 18-20’ Bb Soprano, Silver #2,889 (Archived)

1940s-50 Buffet "SA 18-20" Bb Soprano

Price: SOLD
  • Year:  1940s-50s
  • Make:  Buffet
  • Model:  SA18-20
  • Status:  SOLD
  • Finish:  Original Silver plate
  • Serial Number: 2,889

(On Consignment:  Plays well!)

SUPERB Buffet soprano (rare), in silver!(RARE), keyed to high F; also with SOLDERED ON TONEHOLES! (like a King or Martin) Once you geek-out on sax specifics, some players prefer and require soldered toneholes for the sound they seek.

Original case in good shape. Pads, the owner says, were invested in not long ago. There was a high level of PC work done prior to the sax arriving, consider the pads 'playing great on older pads' . It's worth mentioning that the lyre holder is removed (post solder evidence on the backside--good thing you don't want that anyway!)  Notice the modern keywork!: Articulated G#+B, palm key design (not In-line)!

I must say that the uniqueness of this sax is the huge factor to this one. I was testing several mouthpieces (along with client--Doctorate in Sax) to see if this was perhaps a sax that he was searching for. Short Conclusion: After many mouthpieces, we conclude that the original mouthpiece (not present) must be crucial for the best optimum intonation. Overall it's a playable sax, where the biggest intonation issue was over the break (C2 to D2). The sax will need a vintage mouthpiece for best performance.

I have only seen one other similar sax for sale; it wasn't silver, nor was it labeled with the main parent company names as a flag-bearer.

Sound file of actual sax:

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SOPRANOs-Conn1924WonderI_Yani-Buescher400-VIcopy1981_Buffet-SA18-20_1940s50s-2889-PHOTO_001 SOPRANOs-Conn1924WonderI_Yani-Buescher400-VIcopy1981_Buffet-SA18-20_1940s50s-2889

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