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Conn 1932 ‘6M’ Eb Alto, Transitional #253,3xx (Archived)

SOLD - The lowest-priced, rolled-tone-hole Conn that I've ever listed!!! One of the sought after Conn 6M Serial #s 253k, with rolled tone holes, G# trill key and underslung octave. Some medium damage to mention happened to the lower bow and some major damage to mention is the top of the neck. This may or may not be worth the worry to fix. I'm open to discussing it.
PADS: It has a recent tuneup from unnamed, out of state shop... most all the pads look decent except 1-3. Tan Pads & plastic resos.
TONE: It will be rich like a 6M. Expect it on the darker side due to the Ser#.
CASE: Currently with a vintage Martin case that is a poor fit. I wonder if I have something better around the shop... 

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Conn 1930 ‘New Wonder II – “Chu Berry”‘ Eb Alto, Gold #234k

$3,249.00 - Custom Rebuild with Brown Chocolate Kangaroo Pads, and Gold plated (over silver) custom over-oversized Resotech resos (Flat, with matte spun finish). ***THIS IS A LOUD ALTO SAX!*** Ser.# m234,xxx dates to 1930. Excellent condition "Chu" with nailfile G#, rolled tone holes, tuning neck, Goldwash bell, everything we love. Original gold plate and Satin gold highlights model, in very nice overall condition. Now, if you've never played a Chu, they are stunningly powerful altos...big fat sound top to bottom. Ergos are not that great, but I know a lot of players that play them in spite of the 20's design and would never switch to a Selmer. I will repad it, with a Conn-style, french standard repad. Pairing an original old Conn case to go with it.

Item #: WWS5.0S0.411.6-C16

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Cannonball 2009 ‘Big Bell Stone Series – Raven’ Bb Soprano, Curved, Black Nickel #130k (Archived)

SOLD - Who doesn't love the look of black nickel, must less matte black? I will confess that this sax has a tone that lives up to the "big bell" name. There is a nice mid-core resonance that mellows out the tone from other modern textures. It still contains the modern punch with the clarity and the metal resonators help that too - it is definitely 'louder' than a vintage sax.
Comes with TWO Necks, silver one for more clarity and ring, the black matte one for a softer, mellow tone. Sax has high F# & high G keys.
CASE: - Yes. Original hard case in great shape
Cosmetic Rating: 9.9
Item #:WWSConMPitt09.0S0.0S0.12011.7-F08

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Conn 1923 ‘New Wonder I’ C-Melody, Silver #112k (Archived)

SOLD - A classic 'alto-neck' C-Melody sax in very good condition. Aside from the 1 post to resolder, the sax has 85%+ silver plate remaining and the bell has the goldplate wash. Sarge always said you want the alto-necked version for better intonation. (?)
REBUILD: Included in the price is a WWS Vintage Standard Rebuild with tan prestini pads and flat metal resos(other options available); natural cork throughout.
CASE: Original conn wood case. in fair condition - functional. It will need treated for vintage odors.
Item #:WWS7W5.0W0.01091.8-C0

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Conn 1929 ‘New Wonder II – “Chu Berry”‘ Bb Tenor, #236k (Archived)

SOLD - Budget-Gigger: Conn "Chu" Tenor! This will be a great gigging sax for the venues that you want a killer tone and don't want to bring your high-priced sax. This one will be a great player, and it will help you not freak out over ding and pings. It has some of those that will be forever 'beauty marks'. It is missing the rear key guard on the Eb trill key. The finish on this sax is lacquer, but it was a [no engraving] Conn. So it originally was likely a nickel-plate sax. Thus, this is the 1st time lacquered, or a relacquer.
CASE: newer Protec XL ($250!) in great condition.
REBUILD: Rebuilt elsewhere, it has brown kangaroo leather pads with domed nickel resos. They look like musicmedic pads - they have lots of life left.
I'll go through this sax and give it a full adjustment, because it needed this on arrival, and I'll make sure it's ready to turn heads.
Item #:WWS1E0.3E0.00.11221.7-C30

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Conn 1934 ‘6M’ Eb Alto, Silver #262,xxx (Archived)

SOLD - ***One of THE BEST 6M's I have ever played.*** Don't let the tarnish fool you. This sax is in excellent condition and is from the era that demands great respect, and the boost in value with the silver finish. This is one of the earliest 6Ms (early 1930s!) with the #262k dating it to 1934. This was before the "stamp VIII" models so you'll see the older "Chu" neck tuner, and the swivel thumb hook. There is not much to report; the sax is complete in the quality that you can inspect. The only negative is the neck tenon screw was replaced, and the tarnish.
PADS: older, used 1/2 way. They will last a while with regular tuneups. Plastic resonators.
CASE: used protec wrap case in "ok-good" condition.
If you'd like to discuss a "anti-tarnish polishing service" option, let me know.
1) a cleaning to the external areas ($50)
2) a full disassembly, oil & clean all rods, and polish the body and keys (~$260 TBD)
Item #:WWS0W0.4101.7ConsignmentCR

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King 1940 ‘Zephyr Special’ Eb Alto, #223k (Archived)

SOLD - Collector Alert!: Original Sax, with "Zephyr Special" mouthpiece, case, and endplug. Original lacquer finish at 95%, Full Pearls in great shape, triple neckstrap ring, and Silver Neck model! These are a transitional link between the Zephyr-Super 20 era (super 20s starting around #272K). Matching serial number 223k on the neck and body, I really like this model. These have many zephyr traits but also some traits that are unique to only the Special model. This ser# is early in the production run and, thus, it has all 5 keys engraved with the [starburst] on this model (affecting the keys only). I've seen some with all 5 low keys, some with 4, some 3. 
I love Kings; and these models surely hold their own for those with a good ear.
CASE: Original case in great condition. (missing one corner of leather cap)
PADS: Rebuild elsewhere with tan pads and plastic resos (vintage Selmer style).

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