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Yamaha 1996 ‘YSS-475’ Bb Soprano, #001,2xx (Archived)

SOLD - Priced to sell! One of the great sopranos on the market. This YSS745 is a series 1, and was adult owned (!). It received very little playing time and is a in excellent condition. Comes with a Yamaha stock mouthpiece and Rovner ligature($25) and cap.
PADS: Original pads in excellent shape!
CASE: Original hard case, in great condition.
There's really not much to add; I'll let it speak for itself.

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Jupiter ‘JAS-869SG’ Eb Alto, #H01,7xx (Archived)

SOLD - I like these as a great intermediate sax. Great Ergos, high F# key, nice original hard case. Made in Taiwan, Model JAS-869SG.  Sterling silver neck! Currently in factory pads that come with slight-domed metal resonators. These have fast action and you'll love it over any student sax. They play a little louder with power and presence - from the extra rich from the silver neck.
Cosmetic Rating: 8.8 -- Quite nice - minor tarnishing to note on the silver body, but I'll clean it up a lot!
CASE: a yamaha hard case in ok/good functioning.
Item #:WWS5.0E2.6E7.01131.8-C0

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Buffet 1940s ‘SA 18-20’ Bb Soprano, Silver #2,889 (Archived)

SOLD - Buffet soprano (rare), in silver!(RARE), keyed to high F; also with SOLDERED ON TONEHOLES! (like a King or Martin) Once you geek-out on sax specifics, some players prefer and require soldered toneholes for the sound they seek.

Original case in good shape. Pads, the owner says, were invested in not long ago. There was a high level of PC work done prior to the sax arriving, consider the pads 'playing great on older pads' . It's worth mentioning that the lyre holder is removed (post solder evidence on the backside--good thing you don't want that anyway!) Notice the modern keywork!: Articulated G#+B, palm key design (not In-line)!

I must say that the uniqueness of this sax is the huge factor to this one. I was testing several mouthpieces (along with client--Doctorate in Sax) to see if this was perhaps a sax that he was searching for. Short Conclusion: After many mouthpieces, we conclude that the original mouthpiece (not present) must be crucial for the best optimum intonation. Overall it's a playable sax, where the biggest intonation issue was over the break (C2 to D2). The sax will need a vintage mouthpiece for best performance.

I have only seen one other similar sax for sale; it wasn't silver, nor was it labeled with the main parent company names as a flag-bearer.

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Keilwerth 1964 ‘[Tone King] – Selmer MAJOR’ Eb Alto, #51k (Archived)

SOLD - A pro sax that is hidden by the other popular name on the bell. But the key guard design, and the plastic pants guard, serial stamping, and keywork will label it as a full-blooded Julius Keilwerth sax. All JK Stencils has the high-quality metal from JK. And to my knowledge, there is no bad-JK-stencil. The original finish is in good shape overall; the photos show the wear. This is the TONE KING model design, and the early era with Rolled Tone Holes.
SOUND: These are still in the "vintage" category for tone, but actually these JKs carry more brightness and treble that I want to expect or admit. They are not like their Tenor brothers who are meaty and dark.) The altos have 'spunk' in the tone; 'kick' you might say.
REBUILD: I'd like to sell this with a full rebuild, and set it up to your specifications because it is playing on the original pad setup and it beginning to show age beyond what will be enjoyable. Let's discuss what you'd like; otherwise, I can put the JK Standard setup on it: seamless-domed, nickel resonators, on tan pads.
CASE: original case in pretty worn condition. I haven't given up saving it for use; but I am leaving the option to upgrade the case to a new one (the price would jump up also, at cost). Protec XL model recommended.

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Buescher 1955 ‘Aristocrat II – Big B’ Eb Baritone, #351,41x (Archived)

SOLD - WWS REBUILD in buescher snap-in pads, Finish: Original Lacquer at 50%.
Serial number 351xxx. 60+% Original Lacquer, The Big Bs are famous for a BIG warm sound with rich low notes--resonant low end the fills the room, probably due to some help from the big bell flare. Mid-range gets a little thin but the low notes make up for it. These fit very well in jazz or concert bands. Intonation is pretty good all-round, C# is non-articulated, but my biggest complainant on the model is the lack of pants-guard on the backside. Beyond that, the Big B Baritones have a cult following who seek that fat warm sound.
This sax has a a WWS Rebuild on it. We originally sold it to a local customer who chose to sell it back to us due to their life changes. I will happily tune our pad-work up and send it out playing as good as I remember it.

CASE: It came back with the original case (working, yet poor condition). We can talk about case options for this one.

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Dukoff ‘D8 – Nickel Plated Brass’ Tenor, Ser# – 0.112″ (Archived)

SOLD - These are often called the "Transitional" model as they were after the brass era (BD and Stubby) and before the Silverite ("Miami, FL").
The original tip @ 0.112" was touched by another famous mouthpiece refacers. It plays as big and awesome as Sarge's did! (I put them side by side).
Repairs: The rails has some brass showing so I silver plated the rails to seal them.

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