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Buescher 1916 ‘True Tone’ Eb Baritone, #37k (Archived)

1916-17 Buescher True Tone Baritone [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="6753,6752,6751,6750,6748,6749,6747,6746,6745,6744"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $Sold [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Year:  1916-17 Make:  Buescher Model: True Tone [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status:  Sold! Finish: Original Silver Serial Number: 37,xxx [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] Here's a beautiful early TT model ser.#37k, in excellent 97% silver plate, Goldwash bell is rather faded(40%) but ask me about replating that!…
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Yanagisawa 1970-80s ‘Artist’ Eb Baritone, Stencil, Low A, #876,4xx (Archived)

SOLD - This bari is from the good, 1970s era, and early to the Yanagisawa lineage. (Yani seal on the neck brace, "Japan" with the serial number, which is: #876,4xx. Original lacquer finish at 70% on body & keys. Great, heavy Stainless Steel Springs! (ACTION: firm and fast) These are very nice baritones that you don't have to spend $3000 in order to acquire. No extra heavy damage to mention. (school engraved #s under the serial number) Notes of repair: perhaps to most notable thing is the replacement neck; a few screws have been replaced 7x or so resolders; The tenon screw will need strengthened, & F3 arm. bell lip was slightly bent.
Dents are not too bad for baritone. I will do my best to make a few of the them disappear and help the cosmetic look. CASE: Arrived with a nice hard, wood case.
Waiting for PC work: matching neck repairs(sizing and tenon work), pads.

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Buescher 1984 ‘Bundy- Selmer USA’ Eb Baritone, Low Bb #887,xxx (Archived)

SOLD -This bari is from the good 80s era, still in the student line but great sound for the price. Serial #887xxx. lacquer body, nickel keys. It's basically the end of the Buescher line design with the Selmer takeover(1970s) logo so it has that big bell like the "Buescher 400". Baritones always tend to get beat up but this one was bought new, owned by an ADULT (kids, please note this), and it was well loved. I only saw about 3 minor dings under my close inspection!!! It has a standard case, with the wood wrap design.
Personally, I think the Bb baritones always sound better than a Low A model, it will save you a ton of money.
Waiting for PC work: ...TBD

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Conn 1931’Chu-Transitional-12M’ Eb Baritone, #245k (Archived)

SOLD - Sound Files - For the Gerry Mulligan lovers! ... Ser#245k, relacquer finish at 95%--color is deep and glossy! No engraving (only the "CG Conn LTD") which means this was a 'cheaper' order at that time, HA! 
Case: A $900 Walt Johnson case to protect it well.
Rebuild: Rebuilt with very large, oversized Brass Resos and nice tan pads. Listen to the sound files on this below!

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