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King 1971 ‘Super 20’ Eb Baritone, #470k

$3,999/3,150.00 - Golden lacquer finish with silver neck! #470k dates it to about 1971. It is a later serial number, but that only helps save you money in this case. Don't let that scare you away from a baritone that you don't see come for sale often!

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Other: ‘No Name’ Baritone, Rubber, (RAC Reface) – 0.105″

$269.00 - A great large chamber mouthpiece made of hard rubber mouthpiece from the golden era. The original tip was refaced by Bob. Notice the lower walls cutout for comfort - cool! Other notes: There is a "France" marking on the side. And Bob expertly filled in a tooth groove. There is a small nick in the shank but its of no concern since the metal band is a great part of this era - it protects!
Baffle: it is more scooped out (lower) than a Conn Eagle. Very low baffle.

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