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Selmer ‘S80 C*’ Baritone, Rubber – 0.079″ (Archived)

SOLD - A "must have" for concert band! A hard rubber mouthpiece that is a great addition to any player and especially those on a budget. Due to what I know of this mouthpiece, it came with my friend's sax from about 1984-86; aka, this is from the early era! Consider that new pricing is $240-270.00 ... come quick!
Marketed Description via WWBW:
"Precision crafted with a firm yet responsive feel. -- The Selmer S80 tenor saxophone mouthpiece is a popular design, and one of the biggest sellers in the marketplace. It is constructed from hard rod rubber, which lends it outstanding stability, accuracy and consistent facings. Whereas most mouthpieces have an arched cross-section in the chamber, the S80 is square. Students stepping up from a stock mouthpiece will experience a dramatic improvement in register changes and tonguing immediately in terms of tone and response."
Item: WWSL3W6.2W5.6281.7-001-0

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Buescher ‘Whitehall’ Baritone, 1940s (WWS Reface) – 0.102″ (Archived)

SOLD - Custom Reface! + Large chamber! - A vintage hard rubber mouthpiece that is a copy of a vintage Buescher that I would approximate from the 1940s. This one had a large chamber and the original tip (needing some minor seal help) at 0.074" on arrival. Now it measures 0.102". it is an easy blower and has a big sound. It must be a unique blend because you seldom see a large chamber that remains with a high-rollover baffle. Large chamber & high baffle from custom reface. Item: WWSL4.7W6.12151.6-018

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MC Gregory ‘Gale Companion 4M’ Baritone, 1960s (RAC+WWS Reface) – 0.089″

$1,000.00 - On arrival, this looks to be a 100% Original tip at 0.079", sadly, the chip in the tip will require us to save it -- we all know this is totally worth saving. Bob Carpenter and I will tag-team this one to ensure that it meets both of our standards. It also arrived with a few nicks on a rail--we will treat this mouthpiece with extreme care and preservation; we will fix all necessary items. TIP, after repair: 0.089". Consider that the Hollywood models now demand $900-1500+, and these are credited with being nearly identical with a medium chamber.
Gerry Mulligan played on one, a 5M. .... and we're forced to raise our 4M size, to 5M, if you catch my drift.

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