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Jupiter ‘JTS-889SG’ Bb Tenor, #632,xxx

$1,599.00 - I like these as a great intermediate sax. Great Ergos, high F# key, nice original hard case. Made in Taiwan, Model JTS-889 (the model era makes me guess the year around 2000.).  Sterling silver neck! Currently in factory pads that come with slight-domed metal resonators. These have fast action and you'll love it over most any student sax. They play a little louder with power and presence. (from the silver ringing) Cosmetic Rating: 9.0 -- Nice! Minor tarnishing can begin on the silver body.

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Yamaha 1990s ‘YAS-52’ Eb Alto, #00719x (Archived)

SOLD - Another great step-up alto, ser#007xxx, Original Lacquer at 97%. They are clean sounding, comfortable playing saxes, with great intonation. Few saxes can be 'intermediate' and get so much praise.
PADS: Pads play great and show more age and use (goes with the finish = pretty sax)
CASE: comes with original hard case in nice shape.
Cosmetic rating: 9.6
PC work Complete
Item #:WWSCON-MK1S0.5S0..00.01101.8-C15

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Keilwerth 2001 ‘EX-90 Series II’ Bb Tenor, #113k

$1,849.00 - An intermediate sax with the big brother as the SX90(pro model). You'll love the pro build in quality and slick keys. As a fellow JK (couf) player, the main difference I noticed was the side Bb-C-E placement. It was very close to the body. Perhaps this is a design for smaller hands to not bump them.
SOUND: full of harmonics, like the JK sound is known for. "meaty, robust, round, full".
PADS: It has what seems like mostly original factory pads with nickel resos (domed with rivet center). they have a good pad life left and should be good, with normal, mild maintenance, for the about 2-7 years.
CASE: original case in good, working order; but note the wear and tear to the styrofoam backing in the interior.
This sax was given a recent tuneup on arrival here at WWS. You should be able to leave with this sax and enjoy it right away.

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