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Selmer 1984 ‘USA – 164/TS100’ Bb Tenor, #821,4xx

$2,449.00 - Early model Selmer USA in the Omega, prized, serial number range. Swallow this: a Pro, Selmer, Tenor... for under $3000. That is a very hard thing to offer. The darker lacquer and a mix of the lighter tone starting to be on the keywork/guards (transitional!) These are seriously one of the secret gems in the whole sax world!

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Antigua ‘TS3100LQ’ Bb Tenor, #NLT030034

SALE $799.00 - Factory New ($1,324-1,899!) - Comes with warranty card, keys, neckstrap, cork grease, wiping clothe. It even arrived to me in the original factory box. This is a rare option in the shop and I see these as a great, affordable way to get started with tenor sax. Comes with 1-year tune-up warranty with WWS!

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Armstrong ‘Model 3000’ Eb Alto, #7,2xx

$425.00 - Another starter sax with decent ergos, good metal, and a lineage of Keilwerth parts. This sax looks like the old Couf parts (my 1970s pro sax.) Gold lacquer, nickel keys. No high F# key, Cosmetic condition: 6.0. I expect it to have a great sound that would rival and new sax.

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