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Antigua ‘TS3100LQ’ Bb Tenor, #NLT030034 (Archived)

SOLD - Factory New ($1,324-1,899!) - Comes with warranty card, keys, neckstrap, cork grease, wiping clothe. It even arrived to me in the original factory box. This is a rare option in the shop and I see these as a great, affordable way to get started with tenor sax. Comes with 1-year tune-up warranty with WWS!

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CASE: Protec Cases – Official Dealer

$119-489.00 - Protec Cases - Worldwide Sax is an Official Dealer/Distributor with Protec USA products. Our most often recommended items are the Protec XL Contoured Pro Pac as it can fit most all vintage sax models with LH bell keys for added safety (Conn, Martin, JK...) Get 10-30% Off with purchase a WWS Inventory!

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