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Our Finest Work, Past & Present

Conn 1926 ‘New Wonder II – Artist’ Eb Alto, Gold #172k

$1,699.00/2,399.00 - "Indian Head" ARTIST engraved Conn New Wonder II Alto sax in gold plate. Ser.# m176,xxx dates to 1926, nailfile G#, rolled tone holes, tuning neck, everything we love.  This sax did take rear bow damage in the last 90 years, sadly, and has other repair proof. Plan to play this one and show it off without fear of it being "too pretty to take out and play".

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Conn 1932 ‘6M’ Eb Alto, Silver #251k

$2,799.00 - (Lacquer over silver) Naked Lady Transitional era: Serial #251,xxx. These have a cult following as the first of the Naked Lady run. The body is in great overall shape. It has Rolled Tone Holes and the fine tuning neck adjuster. Other than the evidence of messy pad glue, there are no past repairs or damage to mention. What a beauty! It has the very rare, satin/shiny 'gold' finish at 60%...and lots of silver under-plating is visible. The neck is mostly silver only now.

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Selmer 1958 ‘Mark VI’ Eb Baritone, Low A #78k (Archived)

1958 Selmer Mark VI (Bb) Baritone [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="6913,6927,6926,6925,6924,6923,6922,6921,6920,6919,6918,6917,6916,6915,6914,6912,6911,6910,6909,6908,6907,6906"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $Sold [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Year:  1958 Make:  Selmer Model:  Mark VI [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status:  Sold! Finish: Original Lacquer Serial Number: 78,xxx [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] original lacquer! ser# 78k! low Bb in excellent shape. I haven't seen one this beautiful listed for sale. There are…
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Selmer 1952 ‘Super Balanced Action’ Eb Baritone, Low A #49,165 (Archived)

1952 Selmer Super Balanced Action Baritone, Low A [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="6903,6902,6901,6900,6899,6897,6898,6896,6888,6889,6890,6891,6892,6893,6894,6895,6887,6886"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $Sold [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Year:  1952 Make:  Selmer Model: Super Balanced Action [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status:  Sold! Finish: Re-Lacquer Serial Number: 49,165 [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] If your mouth just froze with lust, trust that feeling. This is a very cool, very rare sax. If you…
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