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Couf 1976 ‘Superba ii’ Bb Soprano, #76k

$1,899/2,599.00 - A very early Phase 1 Couf Superba. A sought after model made famous by Grover Washington Jr. This example is from the earlier era with the metal thumbhook, added neckstrap ring, in original lacquer finish. Known for good ergos and intonation, this is one to consider.

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CASE: Protec Cases – Official Dealer

$119-489.00 - Protec Cases - Worldwide Sax is an Official Dealer/Distributor with Protec USA products. Our most often recommended items are the Protec XL Contoured Pro Pac as it can fit most all vintage sax models with LH bell keys for added safety (Conn, Martin, JK...) Get 10-30% Off with purchase a WWS Inventory!

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