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Martin 1925 ‘Handcraft’ Bb Soprano, Gold Plate #51k

$2,799.00 - Serial #51k, Straight Bb soprano in rare gold plate (heavy tarnish but beautiful underneath!). It looks like it will be in excellent condition.
The first inspection says that it is in great shape with denting to the bell (from setting on the sax stands too hard). I will work on the bell lip - the good news is that the metal is thick and strong.
CASE: It arrived without a case, however, we can discuss acquiring a nice one included in the price.
Martin sopranos are some of Sarge's and my favorites! They are well-built in strong metal. Intonation is easy to enjoy and I'll test a few mouthpieces when possible.

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Yamaha ‘YSS-L1’ Soprano, 1970s – 0.045″

$169.00 - A rare Yamaha soprano mouthpiece made of hard rubber or blended composite (it definitely has some rubber). Straight baffle, straight side walls into a very small round chamber. This one is in great condition and also has a thin front tip rail --that's a good thing and not all had that.
This mouthpiece is to a  Yamaha 61 (purple logo) what the Selmer S-80 became to Selmer. It was paired with the pro Yamahas.
With original, grooved ligature! (and a Selmer cap. PS-I will clean the green on the cap up for you.)

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