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King 1959 ‘Super 20’ Eb Alto, #367k (Archived)

1959 King SUPER 20 Alto [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="5765,5760,5763,5761,5758,5757,5762,5759"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $SOLD [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Year:  Sold Make:  King Model:  Super 20 [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status:  Sold! Finish:  Original Finish Serial Number: 367,xxx [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] Serial #367,xxx. Prime serial number, ORIGINAL FINISH at 93%. Customize the Rebuild Options you want! Comes with original King Case…
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King 1952 ‘Zephyr’ Eb Alto, Series IV #322k (Archived)

1952 King Zephyr Alto [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="medium" ids="5754"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $SOLD [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Year:  1952 Make:  King Model:  Zephyr IV [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status:  Sold! Finish: Original Lacquer Serial Number: 322,xxx [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] Early 1950's King Zephyr alto, ser#322k dates it to approx 1952, was King's standard at that time, so similar in…
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King 1944 ‘Zephyr Special’ Eb Alto, #273k (Archived)

1944 King "Zephyr Special" Alto [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="5751"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $SOLD [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Year:  1944 Make:  King Model:  Zephyr Special [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status:  Sold! Finish:  Original Lacquer Serial Number: 273,xxx [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] Serial number 273k on the neck and body, I really like this model. Original lacquer finish at 95%, Full Pearls…
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King 1935 ‘Zephyr’ Eb Alto, Series I #173k (Archived)

1935-7 King Zephyr Alto, Series 1 [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="5745,5744,5743,5742,5741,5740,5739"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $SOLD [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Year:  1935-7 Make:  King Model:  Zephyr I [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status:  Sold! Finish: Original Serial Number: 173,xxx [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] Late 1930's King Zephyr alto was King's pro line at that time.  Lacquer is original but spotty (not that pretty) with brown…
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Keilwerth 1960 ‘The New King’ Eb Alto, #38k (Archived)

1960 "The New King" Julius Keilwerth [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="5736,5735,5734,5733,5732,5731"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $SOLD [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Year:  1960 Make:  Keilwerth Model:  "The New King" [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status:  Sold! Finish: Original Lacquer Serial Number: 38,xxx [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] This is an older (and the coolest) S# 38k, with the "winged" keyguard. The original Lucite plastic one was…
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Other: 1959 ‘Dörfler & Jörka – Voss’ Eb Alto, #13k (Archived)

1959 VOSS (Dörfler & Jörka) Alto [gallery link="file" columns="5" ids="5728,5727,5726,5725,5721,5724,5723,5722"] [content_box custom_class="block_1"][row][span8] Price: $SOLD [/span8][/row][/content_box] [row] [span4][caret_list] Year:  1959 Make: Dörfler & Jörka Model:  Voss [/caret_list][/span4] [span4][caret_list] Status:  Sold! Finish: Original Serial Number: 13,xxx [/caret_list][/span4] [/row] (On Consignment-Plays great) ser#13xxx, by a JK chart, i figured this one to be a 1938-9 model, but i misspoke…
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Dolnet 1940s ‘Series II’ Eb Alto, Silver Plated #24k (Archived)

Sound Files - 1940's Vintage, S/N 24,xxx Here's a great vintage alto all original silver plate. This alto comes from the mid 1940's. Dolnet is a great French made saxophone in production since the 1880's. Cosmetically, these are known for their hexagonal keyguards. I haven't had one in here for a couple years, these 40's models are nice heavy horns, stronger metal than the Bel air model, with a big Conn type sound, that is warm and fat

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Conn 1941 ’30M – Connqueror’ Bb Tenor, #304,0xx (Archived)

Here's a great sax, built to play. Recently rebuilt from another top U.S. sax shop and set up to blow loud.

How about this: -Conn 30M tenor!!! coming soon! a "rocket ship player", goes 0-60 in ...BOOM! You all know how you can never take your pretty sax out to the gig, right? This is THE one. it's an ugly, relac, doorbustin', triple-barrel, head turnin' screamer. This one is made to play at the gig! please email me.

CASE: original red conn.

Oh My! I just played this one! I plan on a sound sample...SML Rev D, Conn 30M, and Selmer. I just saw one of these sell on ebay (needed everything) where this price is better considering the Pro Rebuild!

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